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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Busy Week In The Garden

It has been raining intermittently day and night lately.. actually I wasn't keen to go out doing gardening in these wet weather. But it's great, in a way that i don't have to water the plants outside! hehe..
Anyway, whatever it is, still doesn't stop me from doing little gardening job inside and I would absolutely go nuts if I dont do any.... Here are little updates on whats going on ..
Today, I spent much of the day sowing marigold and impatiens seeds. I transplanted my petunia seedlings into a cell flat and medium size pots. 24 plants! enough... can't wait to see them fully grown. See also my zinnias started sprouting..

Photo on the right below was captured today showing the re-growth of my cut back petunias I posted last 2 weeks..

Below are my newly built raised garden bed. This was actually a pretty big garden project done last couple of weeks... Newspapers were laid over the entire area as a lining to stop weeds by preventing light from reaching the grass. Soil, manure, compost were added to amend the soil and fill the bed... Second picture shows one of the raised bed filled with ground orchids and impatiens with them. (ada lagi 4 batas kan di kerajakan... ngalih kali ah..)

What's blooming today? Asters! This is the first time I started Asters from seed...they are doing very well... sweet colour & beautiful blooms

Impatiens... this is also one of my favourite annuals, they are shade-loving plants. I planted several of the impatiens that were grown from seed in my flower beds outside which is in deep shade under pokok kelapa.

"It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness"

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